Restoration Bags


Restoration Bags are filled with brand new items that are given to survivors by law enforcement upon rescue.  They frequently only have the clothes they are wearing, which are oftentimes confiscated as evidence. Providing these items to survivors not only brings some much needed comfort, but helps to bridge the gap between victims and law enforcement.

As of December 2016 Restore Innocence has shipped approximately 2500 Restoration Bags to law enforcement agencies across 42  states!  In 2013, we were awarded the FBI DCLA award for our program. Here's what one victim specialist had to say...

“A question I often get asked is, "how do you do your job? It must be so hard."  The thing is, it is hard and can be sad but through the generosity of people and organizations such as yours, I'm able to provide kindness and much needed support to people who would otherwise feel alone or defeated. So I get to be the face of the generosity when really, your efforts play such a large role in it.”

Want to help out? Below is a list of the specific items which have been approved by law enforcement agencies. To drop off a Restoration Bag, please contact us.  You are always welcome to donate financially to help fill or ship a bag.


(Womens sizes M - XL)

Loose Fitting Knit Pants
Sports Bra
Boy Cut Style Ladies Underwear
Shampoo (travel size)
Conditioner (travel size)
Body Wash (travel size)
Lotion (travel size)
Deodorant (travel size)
Toothbrush (individually packaged)
Toothpaste (travel size)
Hair Ties & Hair Brush
Slide On Sandals or Slippers That Can Be Worn Outside
Blister Gel Bandages
Small Fleece Blanket
Huggable Size Stuffed Animal
$10 for shipping

(Men's sizes M-L)

Jogging Pants
Boxers (No Briefs)
Shampoo/Conditioner (travel size)
Body Wash (travel size)
Deodorant (travel size)
Toothpaste (travel size)
Toothbrush (Individually Packaged)
Small Fleece Blanket
Slide On Sandals or Slippers That Can Be Worn Outside
Fidget Cube
$10 for Shipping
- Only the specifically listed items can be sent. Please no substitutions
- Per government regulations, we cannot send any religious items or notes.
- No food
- No clothing or hygiene products with a sexually suggestive message (ie love, XOXO, caress, passion, sexy, intimate, lace, sheer or bare clothing, etc.)
- No sharp objects such as razors, nail clippers or scissors
- Please keep all tags on items, but remove or mark out prices
- Match sizes for clothing, shoes, underwear and bras by adult sizes M - XL
- We cannot send any used or damaged items
- Please use travel size hygiene products (no hotel items)
- We prefer to use fair-trade products in the Restoration Bags. If you are looking for fair-trade options, we recommend checking out The Better World Shopping Guide.
- Thank you for selecting quality items that speak to a survivor's worth! Keep in mind that most of them have very little, so we want to make this a special experience for them. Please donate items that you would be proud to give to a youthful loved one.